A Fusion of Ceramic Art 


UK Ceramics at it's Best

We bring you a collection of ceramic art, in all its many forms. Everything that is good and made in Britain by the best ceramic artists, potters, designers, artisans and craftsmen and women working today.

Included in our selection are all the people and companies we, at Ceramic Fusion, hold in high regard, either for their energy and imagination, or for their technical mastery.

This is a showcase for made in Britain talent, and if you think your work has a place here, just contact us.  If you want to enquire about purchasing or commissioning any work, just contact us.

Our Criteria

Our interest is in ideas and visual delight.  Unlike, say the Craft Potters Guild, we want to talk about artists and designers who may have never thrown a pot in the traditional sense, but nevertheless see ceramics as a brilliant and fresh 21st century medium.

The austerity and earnestness of the 20th century with master potter Bernard Leach's teachings about the form and harmony of ceramics has been overtaken by a new artistic expression he perhaps could never have imagined, being a man born in the 19th century.

Post-Modern Interiors

We are in the realm of the post-modern and it is a very exciting place to be.

When we look at upcycling, we are looking at up-scale upcycling.  Re-purposing with modern interior design ideas in mind.

Our technical potters are all bastions of the science of throwing stoneware and glaze decoration, but they have an eye on the contemporary living room and have cognitive ideas which support their ideas like pillars.

The Young Breed

Then there is a breed of young ceramicists who are very good potters indeed, but they use their technical to achieve art which is more than just potting, it has a lighter feel and perhaps an even deeper meaning.  We split these two factions into two distinct sections, the potters into 'Contemporary Potters' and the second group into 'Contemporary Ceramic Artists'

Eclectic and Exciting

There is a third group who put out tableware and other work, but do not ever go near a wheel.  They are in the 'Cool Art' section under "Get Inspired" on the left hand navigation column.

We have sections also on assemblage art, a genre which we feel lends itself very well to using ceramic objects in the installations.

We have put together sections to help you hunt for special, unique and unusual gifts and also a room by room survey of modern interior design ideas in the context of contemporary ceramics.

Enjoy browsing our website and enjoy the dazzling showcase we present for your delectation.

Tony Young and Peter Holland,  Co-Founders of Ceramic Fusion

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Contemporary Ceramic Artists working in the UK today
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Modern interior design ideas and the ceramics arts
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Upcycling china is the contemporary way to show you care
Upcycling Vintage China - looks gorgeous - helps the environment
Assemblage art - a vivid modern fusion of ideas
Ceramic is an area where the 21st century genre of assemblage art thrives, here are the best examples we have found...
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Contribute to Ceramic Art
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