Ceramic Art and Modern Interior Design Ideas

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Enhance the Space

The importance of ceramic art within the context of modern interior design ideas, should not be underestimated.  Whether the walls are clad in tiles or a feature pot is used to complement or contrast the overall colour scheme, ceramics can make all the difference to the success off a room's design.

Home decor style is a personal thing.  Choices are about ideas first and decision making second.  Below, our style guide is build for stimulation of the imagination, so let your fingers do the walking.


Kitchen décor accessories are things of fun, beauty as well as practicality.  You can't have one without the other - a bit like love and marriage.

For this section we feature Jimbo Art (James Ward). and others.


Decorating home ideas  for the dining room would not be replete without a splash of contemporary designer china in the shape of tableware to die for.  For this we suggest you sample the dashing, daring delights of Elizabeth Prince and Dartington Pottery amongst others.

Living Room

Getting ideas for living room decorating is the one sure thing to get your hot and creative juices all fired up (pardon the pun).  In your living room you need accents, finishings and furnishings to subtly herald your own personal way of life. 

Modern interior design ideas about your 'room of life' cannot be complete nowadays without a statement in modern contemporary ceramic art, lying in wait somewhere to catch the eye and lift the spirits every day.

We present the work of contemporary UK potters like Phethean and Laverick, whose work has been described as modern Moorcrofts.  Both are juggernauts of studio ceramic art.

It's no surprise that Gran cherished her fine china so much.  Don't you think there's something tactile as well as visual about fine china and pottery?  The younger generation are coming back to it with a renewed vigour.  What goes around comes around.


Entrances, Hallways, Landings, Stairways

Luxury home decor maybe just for those with grand entrances, hallways, landings, and stairways to worry about - or maybe not..... Some of us have one without the other.

In any case, here is a mélange of ceramicists who have work to fit the spaces you have in mind - Maggie Davies birds, Siu Kwan Wong's treasure boxes.


Bedroom décor ideas are not quite fully dressed without a ceramic nicety to set the mood.  Paul Smith narrates love and enchantments from the crannies of primal fables and mythologies.  Dink sets beauty onto a fragile pedestal that all but vanishes if we try to reach out for it.  Sometimes modern interior design ideas can be illusive.


Home decorative accessories for the study don't just have to be things like globes, leather bound books and paperweights.  Think about thinking, for a moment.  That's exactly what modernist figurine artist Claire Partington artist does.  What ingredients to you need to get you in the mood for your paperwork?  Her interchangeable heads with remind you of you.  Take your TV head off and put your work head on! ..... NOW.


Interior decoration ideas must also include your all important conservatory - that space that links the indoors with the outdoors.  Put Lisa Katzenstein's art vases and vessels on a plinth and watch your flowers grow.  Susan O'Byrne's animals will bring the mystical forest into your house.

Outside Spaces

Decorating ideas for home and garden are furnished by installation sculptor Nikki Ella Whitlock (whose incredible work is so sought after simply because it is so intricate and time consuming to make) and urban artist Chris Todd, who no longer resists his urge to paint terracotta pots with pure energy driven by living and working in the manic metropolis of London.  See his garden art ideas here...


Hope you like our ideas and suggestions for brainstorming modern interior design ideas in the context of ceramic art.

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