Peter beard
Sculptural Artistic Ceramics

Peter Beard shows a unique style with his sculptural artistic ceramics. Many years of refining and honing his skill and technique have resulted in pieces that both delight and ask intriguing questions of the viewer.

Peter creates a surface that, both at the same time, looks like the cut through strata of a rockface and the flow of larva down a hillside. There are metallic areas that seem to be plated onto the surface with a natural but controlled irregularity that defies a hand-made finish. Other pieces show a distinct carved line emanating from the artist's hand.

Peter's oxidised stoneware pieces are fired to 1280ºC. Both matt, sheen and shiny coloured surfaces are created using wax-resist in between firings of the various elements and result in lavers of fabulous patterns and textures. He has refined a limited palate of soft greens, blues and greys that complement the metallic sections of his vessels.

There are influences of nature and landscape, in particular in his work. The evolution of our landscape by erosion caused by wind and rain has helped to inspire the pattern found in each unique piece. The ripples of sand on a beach at high tide and the  beautiful patterns found in seashells and coastal rocks, seaweed and fungi have all brought their influences to bear.

Peter's work demands a response from the viewer and we are able to form associations, based on our own experiences that let the magical effects draw in our emotions and delight our senses.

He also lays claim to the influence of Ancient Egypt as an equally important part of his work. The Egyptian obsession and evident delight in faience as treasured objects and jewellery shows in many pieces of Peter's art. This thousands of years history and links with the past excerts a powerful bond which helps to create a timeless feel that will continue into the future.

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