Twelvmo Assemblage & Wall Art Decor

Assemblage art, wall art decor, and upcycling are just a few of the aspects of contemporary artist Sarah Beare's work.  Her articulated doll, Twelvmo is your unavoidable intimacy...  Allow us to explain.  Read below the images....


Twelvmo is part of you and you are part of Twelvmo.  She signals your moods, aspirations, quirks and psyche.  You can buy one of Sarah Beare's complete installations, or you can buy a Twelmo doll from the artist and create your own assemblages, large or small.  Your imagination is your only limit.  Your work will be unique.  There is no right or wrong, just you.....

The story of how people asked to buy their own Twelvmo doll from Sarah (for an affordable price - without Sarah having to individually make each one from scratch) and Sarah's journey to China to try to source a maker, is a story in its own right; of art transmigration, and becomes one of utter fascination as more an more difficulties and barriers present themselves and Sarah tries to roll with the punches.  We have a feeling that the journey and the ups and downs, itself, are part of Sarah's live, ongoing Twelvemo art 'installation' (for want of a better word - if you can think of a better word post via the link below).

Interesting to think that art can be life and life can be art.

A bit like Van Gough really.  Let's hope it doesn't take 100 years before Sarah's work is truly appreciated and understood.

"Unavoidable Intimacy" refers to a show Sarah put on last year.  Her installations are active, alert, diligent, neat and actually beautiful.  Our interest of course is the way she uses ceramics - which she doesn't really; in that what ceramics she does use are usually found objects (like within the wall art decor she made using the complete contents of a skip).  Twelvmo, her blessed articulated doll kind of qualifies as its made of resin, which, when were were working for Coalport, and they did a range in resin, was called 'cold cast porcelain'.  Good enough for them, good enough for us.

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